Holidays for Dogs

Terms & Conditions

Licensed by Licensed by Herefordshire Council (Licence no. N-HOB08)

Dogs are only accepted at the discretion of Yvonne and Barry Mutton.

We provide boarding for dogs within our home both for day care and overnight accommodation.  

No dog registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 or dog hybrids registered under the Dangerous Wild Animal Act 1976 (e.g. wolf hybrids) will be accepted for boarding. 

We only accept dogs that are neutered, as because we quite often have six dogs staying, even if your dog is totally indifferent to the fact that they are entire, this can prove to be a problem for some of our other holidaymakers who may become over-interested and this can cause aggression.  It must be appreciated that the dogs live in our home, with us, as would our family dogs, and this would be an unnecessary complication! For this reason we will always consider the mix of dogs we have staying for the required holiday period before agreeing to accept any dogs. 

Proof of vaccinations is always required (a photocopy is preferable) and also confirmation that the dog has been treated for fleas and wormed prior to their stay.

We like to meet the dog before agreeing to board to see their interaction with our other boarders, and that they are sociable, and ensure that both parties are happy and comfortable with the arrangement. The dogs live with us and each other as our own pets would do, with group walks and and garden playtime, and for this reason we do not accept dogs with any aggressive tendencies.

Dogs that are not house trained, or incontinent, or likely to chew furniture, or in the case of large dogs that are boisterous or not under control are also not acceptable. We are mindful of our neighbours, and cannot accept chronic barking dogs, or those who are not used to sleeping without their owners and do not settle at night.

Emergency Contact Details:

This should be a person who is available to accept responsibility for your dog in the unlikely event of us having a sudden family emergency/health issue and needing to offload our house guests. For emergencies with any particular dog then we will always contact you on your mobile/email in the first instance to discuss the problem.

Our fees are as follows:

We do not charge a registration fee, unlike many other boarding establishments.
Once a booking is accepted we do require a deposit of £25 for each dog for each full week’s booking, or £10 for each dog for a 2-6 day booking, or £5 for one day, to secure the dates, which is non- refundable.

Our charges are 
£20 per day per dog (this is also the for day-care with no sleepover) Second and third family dogs charged at £15 each, thus a pair are £35, and three dogs therefore £50.

Young dogs under 
18 months old, if accepted, are charged at £26 per day. Bookings for puppies are very dependant upon the number and ages of other dogs already booked in for the same period.

If offered, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day incur an extra charge of £10 per day per dog i.e.£30 per dog, or £55 a pair, or £36 for a pup.   We do include Christmas treats and lots of fuss and fun.

Drop-off and collection times

We require that the dogs are dropped off for their holiday between 9 - 9.30a.m., and also on the morning of their collection we need them collected by 9.30a.m. otherwise we will charge another day, as we always have to get out for dog-walking. We will adjust timings to individual requirements, but a full days charge will be made for later drop off times through the day if arranged. We always prefer to accept our holidaymakers in the mornings so that they can join our morning walk, and to give them time to adjust before bedtime.

Regular holidaymakers may be dropped off in the evenings once we know they will settle well, and no charge is incurred for that overnight stay.

Collection and/or delivery 
can be arranged (within our normal customer range of 10-15 miles) and charged at £10 each trip.

Medical Needs

We are very happy to attend to medical needs/drug administration etc. but this is determined on individual requirements. Yvonne has completed a CPD Dog First Aid Emergency Canine Care Course.

Payment please by BACS or cash as we no longer accept cheques - details available on request.